Cambridge Audio 751BD 3D Blu-ray Player Price In India

Best Price: Rs.74,100/-

The brand new 751BD is the 3D Blu-ray universal player you have been waiting for…With support for BD-3D, all of the latest surround polyphonic formats, QDEO video processing and Anagram Technologies audio up-sampling, the 751BD is really a lightning-fast, lenient to use player and is certain to reproduce your movies and music with the gusto of the autochthonous performance! Featuring almost universal disc compatibility, the 751BD denial just plays Blu-ray discs – including individuals with 3D calm – nonetheless additionally CD, HDCD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and SACD. With twin HDMI outputs, the 751BD delivers 3D video to multiple displays (like a your 3D TV and your projector) and both of them are fully compatible with the HDMI 1.4 standard for 3DTV and Deep Colour support.


The 751BD is really a well-connected portion of kit, and meaningful too, weighing around 5kg. It sports bicameral HDMI outputs, that is good news for those without 3D-compatible home-cinema gear. One HDMI production could be hooked-up to a legacy amplifier, for DTS-HD Best Audio or Dolby TrueHD decoding, as the primary feed can be routed right to a 3D-compatible TV.


For its functionality, the 751BD is a cinch to make use of. The home screen offers music, photo, movie, network and Internet buttons. It’s solely regulated actually intuitive.Conversely, the set-up menus provide a meaningful amount regarding deep control. Cinephiles contrary definitely be tempted to spend quite some time here tinkering.

Video quality

The very superlative video performance comes from the critical HDMI output, which is partnered to some high-spec Marvell Qdeo scaler. The secondary HDMI port is fed with a different processor. The Qdeo output has got the explicatory edge, particularly when it comes to DVD de-interlacing and upscaling.

Audio quality

The 751BD is really a universal disc spinner, pleased with CD, Superb Audio CD and DVD-Audio platters. Its standard CD depiction is terrific, offering paragon clarity and separation.


The Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD is really a highly desirable, multi-talented player. Regardless of whether you favour Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs either movies online, it won’t disappoint.