Social Media for the Young Generation

Social media today is a part and parcel of everyone’s life. This is the place where like-minded people come together and communities garner pavilion accompanying participants communicating from different parts of the world. This has especially had a huge impact on the young generation. They have been benefited now well as adversely affected by this tool.

There are many people who think social media is a “time waster”. Nonetheless for others, the younger generation in particular, social media is the new path of communication including knowing the world. An interesting quote dedicated to a young girl says “I don’t understand why I need to undergo an email id to log toward Facebook”! While this could be thought to be an amusing statement, there is so much more to it. Facebook and the overall scrupulosity environment is the modern address book. There are tools to integrate it with phone contacts, source group conversations, research upon topics that would otherwise have taken days to understand and collect several other accompanying factors.

Our Generation X and the older part of Generation Y know privacy as it was always meant to be. It was something that the older generations guarded well but for the younger generation today, cycle is an open book. Publicity is a luxury and it is social networks that provide the right tool to gain the attention from the masses. Today, 91% of Facebook profiles will have an original photo of themselves while the cut was just 76% a decade back. Confidential is an entirely different thing soon – 82% users have their birth dates mentioned, 62% say if they are in a relationship, 92% of profiles have real names, 84% record their interests besides 24% even post personal videos.

Everything has gone mobile and social and teens calm like to be tied to a GPS tracking system! In 2006, 29% of teens in the age bracket of 12-17 were bloggers but alongside 2009 the array dropped to 14%. What changed? The introduction of Facebook and the rise of other social platforms like Twitter, MySpace and others. 94% of teens who are on conventional media have a Facebook profile, 26% receive a Twitter account et alii the number is rising by almost 20% yearly.

While there may be certain disadvantages attached to this new way of socializing, there are a number of benefits that social media offers. A immense ensemble of information, social media is the new search engine. It provides different ways in which people can communicate with each other on differing topics. If you are a photographer, there is nay better way to showcase your talent than Facebook. If you blog, peep can be a life changer. Readers are always looking for interesting people and information. Social media truly has the power to bring the cosmos together for a mutually promising presence, but only when old wisely.

Facebook is the most attractive recruiter today. Likewise LinkedIn can get you a job; flock you on a professional forum. Digital marketing is the most take place profession today. Stretch the market is getting more mobile, technology enables reaching out to the latent customers done for the use of neighborly media. A career in digital marketing tin take you places. Thus, social media comes with both pros and cons.