iReal Player for Window 8. The best all-in-one DVD player software

Enjoy either region Blu-ray DVDs on Windows 8, this Windows 8 DVD player is specially designed for moviegoers who are keeping DVD and Blu-ray copy and watching on Windows 8 machine very often. Easily navigate and control your amusing experience alongside simple clicks!

Picture quality
iReal Blu-ray DVD Thespian offer us the whole entertainment package. You can merrymaking your favorite movies in full 1080p video. Equable your prehistoric DVDs will be upgraded et cetera will look better.

Blu-ray & DVD
iReal Blu-ray DVD Player exerts efforts to be perfect. Support Blu-ray, DVD, and any HD video formats. It is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows OS. Add cutting-edge technologies like DTS 5.1. Deliver the fundamental village theater experience. Amidst navigation menu including online broadcast functions. Incredibly powerful but remarkably simple, that’s iReal for real.

Dolby& DTS
Technology, for real, shapes our life. We pursue aesthetics, perfection, amazement and reputedly impossible, so does iReal Blu-ray Media Player. Being undistorted a plain Blu-ray Media Actress is everything save nothing to iReal. It requires some seriously foremost technologies to make powerful things simple. And that’s how DTS-HD® and other high-techs are built in the core of iReal Blu-ray Player software. Keeping pace with cutting-edge technologies allows iReal Blu-ray Media Player to maximize its potentials.

Media Playback
That a media player with so uncommon — Blu-ray, DVD, and them in ISO format, all types of HD video formats, ampersand mainstream audio formats also — could be real. But it is. In fact, iReal Blu-ray Media Player strives to be this make-it-all-happen wonder-maker. And greatness does mislead in the capacity of this Blu-ray Player software, not only for its all-in-one feature but also for its attention in perfect detail. It conquers.

Playback preset
Enjoy the freedom to arrange your movies however you want beside two different modes: Choose a file or Open a disc. You can opt which look you like to pleasure your movies.

Picture custom
Do whatever you want with your Blu-ray DVD Picture present, change the ratio aspect, subtitles configurations, track switching, etc. It is convenient for you to switch watching mode according to your needs.

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