Postgraduate Media Studies Courses in Canada: Benefits and Admission Requirements

A postgraduate program in media engineering design integration can store you with a balanced set of design knowledge, skills and capabilities required in media production and media engineering. It trains graduates to assignment with and lead cross-functional teams of technologists and media producers creating new applications for the media marketplace.

The program in media studies is a incomparable and hybrid notice that focuses on the designing, production and management of innovative media products. The one-year certificate program aims to help students betide well-versed in

* Application development for wireless devices
* Content creation
* Interactive museum also retail installations
* Digital signage systems connective networks

In addition, a strong emphasis is laid on developing

* Analytical and decision-making skills
* Ability to assess, develop, manage and execute a media technology project
* Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
* Leadership skills to manage and guide cross-functional teams

Centennial College’s one-year postgraduate media studies courses cover a wide range of subjects, including:

* Video production moreover sound design
* Visual design
* Design for web and mobile devices
* Math and electrical fundamentals
* Media electronics
* Computer systems and networks
* Programming fundamentals
* Physical computing
* Entrepreneurship and product development
* Media system engineering
* Automated control systems
* Web programming
* Media informatics/information metrics
* Content management
* Portfolio production

The program combines

* Classroom learning
* Team and individual projects guided and assessed by industry entrepreneurs
* Hands-on lab in Programmable Logic Controller, robotics, sensors, electronics, media analytics besides network technology project management
* Hands-on-experience in the creation and distribution of digital media, video and audio projects for mobile networks and environmental installations

* A 15-week pursuit placement at an interactive design firm or media technology company

Benefits of Media Education

The postgraduate in Centennial’s media education program offers graduates a number like benefits. They

* Develop skills and capabilities to work including up-to-date methods of media production
* Enhance their core strengths in engineering technology and media production
* Get necessary experience about working with cross-functional teams
* Develop skills et cetera flexibility to lead hybrid teams and develop new solutions
* Gain ability to face objectivity world challenges and develop innovative solutions to overcome them

The graduates of this program can work as project coordinators, digital media producers, interactive technical producers, exhibit designers, and producers – digital signage networks content, user experience designers and software programmers. The professionals cup find employment with media producers, publishers also media technology developers. The characteristic thrive activities possible include:

* Assigning tasks to the teams of technologists
* Providing direction and guidance
* Project management
* Developing and implementing project plan and design specifications
* Overseeing information architecture
* Coordinating earn efforts across software development, creative design including production teams

However, the job responsibilities may vary broadly depending about the employment, job title and individual qualifications, skills and capabilities and work experience.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for a postgraduate certificate program in entertainment and media systems design, applicants will need:

* University degree or college diploma in a discipline related to engineering, technology or media
* Minimum two years university education and relevant work experience (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
* A portfolio of work and/or project
* Latest resume
* Letter of intent