Does restricting the use of social media come in the way of employee referrals?

While companies are known to restrict the usage of social media in the interest of conserving time and resources, it can often be a self-defeating exercise. On the one hand is the argument that social media actually gives us a worldview and which organization would mind having employees with a 360- degree vision of the world? Even if number does not stretch the argument this far, the usage of social media is the modern day equivalent of the water cooler break.

A great casualty of this restriction, midst other things, is the marginalization of an employee referral program. Traditional recruitment methods have long been discarded for being too costly, time consuming, requiring too much staff, and with limited reach and impact. Two relatively recent trends swindle brought about a dramatic change in the recruitment function. Firstly, the handling of employee referrals in hiring aptness has led organizations to revamp their recruitment outlook towards successfully leveraging the authoritarian of employee networks for recruitment. Secondly, the widespread use of internet and widening online presence of people has brought throughout a model shift in the recruitment function. The use of internet has spawned many new channels and sources which provide easy access to a global database of candidates at highly cost effective prices. Organizations with a proactive recruitment outlook give cleverly old technology to marry the two to ensure open positions are filled quickly with high quality candidates and at half the cost previously incurred.

The use of monde media in recruiting particularly enables:

* Reaching away to a host of passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a change of racket but are by no stretch of the imagination, not interested in furthering their career prospects

* Reaching relevant candidates in the lowest possible time and at optimal cost.

* Real time tracking of the success of the employee referral program

* Importantly, it offers the scope for a whole allowance of positive employer branding. The very fact that employees are sharing or tweeting business requirements is demonstrative of their empowerment as well as the comfort consistent of working accompanying the organization.

The inability to use social media in businesses leads to constricting the ability of employees to help the organization search for relevant talent, in a milieu where there is a clear talent crunch. Unless companies make it simple for employees to refer candidates, the help referral program is bound not to meet with the desired success. On the other hand, by unlocking the vast potential of socialize networking, organizations tend to gain on both the cipher and quality about referrals.

As per Research Data, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and corporate blogs, in this order, formative an important part of the recruitment strategy of successful organizations.

If one believes in the adage that morality people cognize other good people, restricting social networking in organizations clearly works beside this principle as you are effectively restricting the ability of your trusted people to spread word about your company to former trusted contacts.

Infact today more and else employee referral tools come with precious societal media capabilities to equip employees with a quick tunnel to social media to make referrals.

There is definitely a wave like change that the industry is witnessing with more ampersand more organizations becoming tolerant to the use regarding social platforms. Using Linkedin and Facebook for recruiting is infact one of the hottest recruitment trends currently.